"The pace is only picking up for Stolar. The Brooklyn poly-genre multi-instrumentalist has made a name for himself as a one-man musical enterprise, producing, playing, and songwriting, unveiling a style and craftsmanship that earned him comparisons to Darryl Hall, Bruno Mars, and... Adele " - The Village Voice





jaxson gamble



I’ve always had a difficult time describing myself in one sentence to people. I also hate writing “bios” so I figured I’d just write you a letter.

I used to say that I sing, write songs and play the guitar. I’m from New Jersey but really grew up at NYU in the West Village of Manhattan. I’m emotional, opinionated and have very big ideas that sometimes take over each other. I love my friends.

Things have changed a lot for me over the last 2 years. I threw out 2 full albums. My heart broke. I stopped drinking during the week. I wrote 500 songs. I split my time between NYC and LA. I’ve been lucky to meet unique artists, friends and family along the way that push me in every aspect of life.

I’m now in the midst of the craziest creative decision I’ve ever made. Raw Emotions. I’ve found that I need to express myself consistently, to a fault. I really start to go crazy when songs pile up. So… Every month I’m choosing a different emotion, writing, releasing music connected to that emotion and then collaborating with a wide range of artists to make new things inspired by that emotion. I’ll be doing this for 18 months.

These personal changes, and bringing Raw Emotions to life, has pushed me to create from a truer place. I want to make songs that feel like conversations now. To be inside of the music that resonates and makes people feel.

These songs are for:

  • 10 hour drives
  • Parties with friends
  • Dealing with something overwhelming
  • Creating a mood
  • Having sex
  • Crying by yourself
  • Anything else personal that I can’t imagine

The reaction has been beyond anything I could have imagined and I can’t thank everyone who’s been listening and following along with Raw Emotions enough.

So… I promise to keep pushing myself to the limit. I’m sure I’ll mess up somewhere along the way and deceive myself. I apologize for that ahead of time. But I’ll keep showing up to the page untethered by my memories or dreams, open to what my complicated, human, normal, irrational and raw self might bring. I can promise you I’ll keep sharing me, as beautiful or as ugly as that might be.


:)  - Stolar