Investor Update #1

Over the last 3 months we have had some exciting growth and development on the Stolar front. Here is a breakdown of some of the new art and assets Stolar has been working on both in NY and in LA.

1. "Raw Emotions" 2017-2018 project

  • Our first EP is complete and ready to be released this June. The EP is part of a series of releases all called "Raw Emotions"
  • The plan is to release multiple EP's and then next year have all the songs on the EP's, plus some new ones, released as a full length project.
  • Stolar's vision for this project is for it to feel like he is sharing his personal notebook and journal with the world. Each EP will be labeled with a specific date and place in NYC and there are interludes on each EP that have specific dates and streets in NYC.
  • Here is a projected vision of the titles of the different EP and LP releases

    • Raw Emotions: June 9th, 2017 - Soho, NY

    • Raw Emotions: October 17th, 2017 - Brooklyn, NY

    • Raw Emotions: J anuary 2015 - January 2018 - NY, NY



2. “Feel Good” Music Video

  • We worked with the in demand video production team “Rubberband.” to develop the music video for “Feel Good”.

  • This is the largest scale video Stolar has created to date and the industry response has been extremely positive. The video will be released later this month.

  • Here is a quote from Stolar about the video:

"Feel Good" is a song that explores the fine line between genuinely wanting to feel good for a positive reason, and wanting to feel good in order to NOT feel bad. This video explores that concept on a deep level. Essentially the video imagines a life where I have a simple problem, I keep going invisible at random points throughout my life, and I can't control it. The creative team Rubberband. and I wanted to visually express what it feels like to have an emptiness inside of you that cannot be filled with external things. At the end of the day, the only true way to not disappear from your true self is to embrace and accept who you really are.

Director Josh Sondock and I, wanted to put the viewer inside the world of my mind, play with different timelines, flashbacks and pay homage to some of our favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind and Beginners. I'm really proud to have been a part of making this mini-film/music video. - Stolar

Password: feelbest

3. New Stolar Music

  • Last month Stolar went to LA for a writing retreat and came home with 10 new songs. At this point 3 of them are in production and the rest are being developed.

  • These songs will be used for the next “Raw Emotions” releases and also pitched to major pop artists for them to record.

Listen below for a sampling of the songs written by Stolar and produced by buzzing Sony/ATV signed producer Jordan Palmer.


4. Pledge Music Campaign - A Year of Music and Mental Health Advocacy

  • We are launching a Pledge Music campaign this month that revolves around Stolar’s year long commitment to writing/creating music for the “Raw Emotions” project and also to speaking loudly about removing the stigma around Mental Health issues through a  Stolar created campaign called #makesmefeelgood.

  • Pledge Music is a music based form of crowdfunding. Our campaign is both supporting music and the commitment to Stolar’s mental health based charity work.

  • Here is a quote about the project and see the link below for both the videos Directed by Stolar:

SPEAK LOUDLY :) That’s what the #makesmefeelgood project is all about: in a simple, positive way, empowering people who may be hesitant to speak loudly. The project asks a simple question, what makes you feel good, and challenges you to tell the world what makes you feel good today, so that when you have to speak up about something more challenging, it will be a little easier. Whether it's as simple as "ice cream makes me feel good" or as deep as "Love is Louder than my scars”, speaking up is one of the easiest and most powerful things we can do.

Call to Action:

  1. Post about what makes you makes you feel good and #makesmefeelgood on your post

  2. Post a photo of you, your friends, anyone you want and write out what makes YOU feel good

We are very excited about this creative progress in only the last few months and looking forward to continuing to share more as we move through the release cycle of our first EP.