Exclusive Vault Release: Wasted Days

I've decided to start releasing music and additional collaborative art through the Raw Emotions Vault. There are songs that I love and mean so much, but haven't quite found a home, or haven't been produced yet but were written during the month of a specific emotion. The same is true for photos, videos, essays, animation treatments, designs that never get to see the light of day but have so much character. Creating and sharing is the core of the Raw Emotions project, the vault is allowing me to take that even further. It's imperative to me that EVERYTHING is heard, felt and seen during this Raw Emotions project. The vault is a safe space for art to be shared every week, and sometimes even more often than that.

This first Vault only release is called Wasted Days. I wrote it with one of my best friends, Caroline Pennell, and always regretted never putting it out. Figured it was only right I revisited that regret this month and finally let it out into the Raw Emotions world.