Back Where You Belong demo

Here's the original piano demo of Back Where You Belong. I decided to release this song for Hopeful this month because I felt that it accurately represented the hope you can have about coming back to someone you love in a relationship. This song has helped teach me that being hopeful is brave. I used to think it was a cop out to hope, but I realized that in order to hope for something, you have to accept the fact that it might now happen. I think there is true courage in having hope.

Fun fact: This song was the inspiration for the flowers behind the back photo I put in the last post.

Here's the final released version!

Hopeful - Cortney Armitage Photo session

These are images from mine and Cortney's second emotion photo creative collaboration. For this month's emotion (hopeful), we wanted to be up for the sunrise - representing new beginnings, fresh starts and hope for a great day ahead. For the location, Coney Island seemed like a natural choice. (NYC is a huge inspiration to my work and I wanted to make sure to feature areas of the city in my work.) The goal was to capture contemplative moments while looking out into the water and horizon. I think we did a good job accomplishing it. 

We also tried this concept of an image with dying flowers behind my back to represent holding out hope for someone you love. We felt the other images were more striking and in-line with the messaging we wanted and decided to keep the others for the Vault only!