Exclusive Vault Release: Uncomfortable (Demo)

A few weeks ago I performed a live "dig" on instagram where I improvised lyrics and melodies inspired by the emotion of the month, "Uncomfortable". I ended up using pieces of that "live dig" to create a song called "Uncomfortable" with a new friend and producer named Eff3X. The recording is a rough demo and in no shape to be shared with the world from a "professional" point of view, but I think you deserve to hear it and I personally love it :) 

Exclusive Vault Release: Wade

I'm really excited to share this release with you guys. This is a song from an album I've been calling "The lost 2015" sessions." I actually played this song  at a solo show in Los Angeles the night I met my now close friend and collaborator, Billy Van. Billy then went on to produce this entire album that I'll be sharing with you through the Raw Emotions Vault. Wade is about acceptance, loss and that feeling after you’ve cried, or screamed or broken down... when time slows... and everything finally feels peaceful. This is a good one to listen to with your eyes closed.