Space Left Between demo

Here's the demo for Space Left Between. We ended up re-recording the guitar and vocal for this song 3 times and every time it just didn't feel right. In the end we used this exact vocal and guitar as a core of the final track. It is the only song of the first Raw Emotions EP with parts not recording in NYC.

Here's the final version :) The photo was done by Cortney Armitage.

Invisible - Cortney Armitage Photo Session

To capture each months emotion visually over the next 18 months, I've partnered with an amazingly talented photographer - Cortney Armitage. Every month, we will be collaborating on images for both the single artwork and monthly emotion artwork. Here are some outtakes from our Times Square shoot. We wanted to try a double exposure, layered look, where I appeared to be invisible. We chose Times Square for our location because it's easy to feel invisible in the busiest and most crowded place in NYC. You become one with the crowd, blending in instead of sticking out.