Graphic Design

Kurt Cobain T-Shirt Artwork

Here is the original Kurt Cobain T-Shirt artwork that was released before I decided to scrap the idea completely and go with strictly photo based song covers with no text. It just didn't feel emotional, evocative or even artful. There is something in this simplicity that I do still love, but it wasn't right for Raw Emotions. Raw Emotions needs to feel like it's taking a snapshot into real life.

Kurt Cobain.jpg.jpeg

Here's the final artwork we went with for Kurt Cobain T-Shirt. I actually took this photo myself of my good friend (and fellow artist), Naomi, on one of my LA writing trips.


Raw Emotions - cover artwork options

Before the release of the project there we a host of different covers that we explored for Raw Emotions. I honestly still love so many of these, they just weren't right for the song. They felt more like artistic collaborations. These were all created by the BADASS designer Mihailo.

I took some of the designs above and combined them into this sketch. To the right is the digital mock-up of my concept. 

This is the final design we chose for Raw Emotions project. I wanted something that couldn't be defined by an emotion, a person or even a genre of music. Raw Emotions is about embracing ALL of the emotions, ALL of the sounds, ALL of the people and saying "I don't give a fuck, I am who I am."