Collaboration: Rafaela Remy Sanchez

Originally from Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Rafaela Remy Sanchez lives in Brooklyn, New York where she takes care of her plants, works at a branding agency and manages her own Instagram poetry account, rafpoemsRafpoems alters the idea of the poem away from a static presentation, to a fluid representation of thought. Through screen recordings, her followers read the poems as they’re written in real time, allowing themselves to become immersed in the creation and thought process of the poet. Rafaela’s poems are a reflection of how she views the world, both as an abstract manifestation of emotion and an amorphous sequence of actions. At times, she mixes her poems with her Hispanic heritage, using the Spanish language to express herself and connect with the sometimes distant aspects of her identity. In conjunction with her writing, Rafaela also co-leads the Women's Poetry Workshop, a free, monthly, women-only workshop focused the growth of female poets through collaborative writing and critiquing, as well as strengthening the conversation between women and the outside world through poetic dialogue.